Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Feb 16, 2019  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Catalog Codes and Definitions

General Definitions

[ ] Brackets are used at the beginning and end of a course title if the course is not going to be offered within the current catalog year.
Crosslisted Courses offered by multiple departments where the content and level are the same. Classes meet together.
Co-meeting Courses which are similar in content, but offered at different levels (ex. undergraduate and graduate level). Classes meet together.

Course Numbering and Subject Codes

Learn more about Course Numbering and Subject Codes .

Breadth Requirements

Learn more about Arts and Sciences Breadth Requirements Please note: Breadth codes are first searchable in the 2012-13 catalog.

GB Geographic Breadth
HB Historical Breadth
GHB Geographic and Historical Breadth

Course Attributes

Please note: Course Attributes are first searchable in the 2015-16 catalog.

CU-CEL Community Engaged Learning Courses
CU-ITL International Experience Courses
CU-SBY Sustainability Courses
CU-UGR Undergraduate Research Courses

Distribution Requirements

Learn more about College Distribution Requirements  in the Schools and Colleges.

Searching the Courses of Study

The Courses of Study search (top-left of navigation bar) allows quick retrieval of catalog and course information. Enter a search keyword or phrase and click on the magnifying glass.

Using the Advanced Search Tool

Refine your search by selecting only the check boxes for the types of data you wish to search. Check the Find Whole Word or Phrase Only check box to search for an exact match for a keyword or phrase.

Click the Show Prefix List link to display a list of all course prefixes available in the Courses of Study. You may enter a keyword phrase that includes a course prefix and code (e.g. “ENGL 1270”) to better locate a specific course.

Searching for Breadth, Distribution, and Attribute Codes

To search for one or more of these codes, enter the specific code (e.g. GHB, CA-AS or CU-ITL) into the Search box and check the Find Whole Word or Phrase Only check box. Please note: Breadth codes are first searchable in the 2012-13 catalog. Attributes are first searchable in the 2015-2016 catalog.

Using the Advanced Search feature allows for greater search refinement. For example, enter “CA-AS and Anthro” into the Advanced Search box, then only check the courses checkbox to limit your search to all courses that meet the Cultural Analysis requirement in the Department of Anthropology or that are cross-listed with Anthropology.

Important! When reviewing search results, make sure the selected course has the requested code. Search results may return other letter combinations that do not constitute course codes, or other linked courses that do not meet the criteria for a specific code. Graduate-level courses that co-meet with a breadth or distribution course do not apply.

Retaining Your Search Information

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Adding and Removing Items

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Please note: Items suffixed with the text [From Previous Courses of Study] are bookmarked from older, archived catalogs.

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Contact Information

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