COMM 3080 - Capstone Course in Environmental & Sustainability Communication: From the Lab to the World

Spring. 3 credits. R grades only (in progress).

Prerequisite: one theory and one practice course related to environmental communication, which can be taken prior to, or concurrently, with seminar. Permission of instructor required. Enrollment is by application only. This seminar is a required course for a new engaged learning "track" and limited to 10 students, who will be matched with an organizational partner for a paid summer internship. Students must enroll in both COMM 3080 (spring) and 3081 (fall) to receive a final letter grade. Students will receive a placeholder grade (R) in the spring and upon completion of COMM 3081, the R grade will be replaced with a letter grade. Contact professors for more information.

L. Chambliss, K. McComas, J. Schuldt.

This Capstone course in Environmental and Sustainability communication bridges students' understanding of communication theory with a spring seminar and summer internship focused on the communication goals of our partner environmental organizations. Class meetings will involve a mix of lecture, readings, activities, case studies, and guest visits from local and national environmental organizations, focused on understanding and addressing communications challenges common to the field as well as those specific to individual organizations.

Outcome 1: Translate research and course learning into direct application.

Outcome 2: Communicate effectively across multiple platforms through engagement with the community sector.

Outcome 3: Thoroughly comprehend multiple perspectives on environmental communication and develop skills to apply them in an academic and workplace setting.

Outcome 4: Apply cutting-edge academic knowledge to accelerate public engagement on sustainability and environmental issues.

Outcome 5: Interact with diverse communities and cultures through internships and coursework.

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