LA 3020 - Integrating Theory and Practice II

(CU-CEL, CU-SBY)     
Spring. 5 credits. Student option grading.

Course fee: supplies and fees: approx. $250; field trip: approx. $250; international studios: $500. Must have a grade of C- or better to advance to next studio in sequence.


This studio builds upon prior course work with an expectation that participants can creatively manipulate the program and conditions of a site or area, with increased emphasis on contemporary technology. The course focuses on the expression of design solutions that grow from and affirm an explicit sense of site and place. Social, cultural, physical, and historical factors and their relationship to site design and planning are critically explored through theory and practice.

Outcome 1: Students will become familiar with and gain confidence in the design process as a method for solving site planning problems.

Outcome 2: Students will gain the ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate on-site and adjacent systems and their interactions.

Outcome 3: Students will be able to develop conceptual designs through three-dimensional models.

Outcome 4: Students will be able to expand conceptual design models into spatially defined and refined site plans.

Outcome 5: Students will develop representation skills to clearly communicate design intent.

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