VIEN 3440 - Viticulture and Vineyard Management

(crosslisted) PLHRT 3440  
(CU-CEL, CU-SBY)     
Spring. 2 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Prerequisite: VIEN 2204 /PLHRT 2204 /FDSC 2204 .

T. Martinson.

Second-semester course in commercial grape production with an emphasis on the problems of production in cold climates. Students examine the genetics of the vine and learn principles of vineyard establishment, propagation, pruning and training, and conservation. Laboratory exercises and field trips offer hands-on experience.

Outcome 1: Determine whether a specific site is appropriate for a vineyard.

Outcome 2: Illustrate the steps and decision-making process in establishing and managing a

Outcome 3: Describe irrigation systems for vineyards, determine which would be most
appropriate at a given site, and determine an irrigation strategy.

Outcome 4: Discuss how to incorporate economic realities into vineyard decisions.

Outcome 5: Determine a nutrition management plan for a vineyard based on soil and petiole test

Outcome 6: Define and evaluate the impact of viticultural practices on vine growth and
physiology, yield components, fruit quality, and wine sensory characteristics.

Outcome 7: Illustrate how to protect vines from winter injury and how to manage a vineyard that
has been damaged.

Outcome 8: Demonstrate expertise in pruning, training, and trellis construction.

Outcome 9: Demonstrate familiarity with standard vineyard equipment.

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