PADM 5456 - Comparative Public Administration: The Case of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fall. 1.5 credits. Letter grades only.

Recommended Prerequisite: PADM 5110 . Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited to: Master of Public Administration (MPA) students. Seminar involves travel costs associated with trek to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

R. Brenner, T. O'Toole.

This is an experiential learning seminar to provide graduate students with a hand-on case of comparative public administration with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The course provides students with a survey of the criteria for comparison in governance, economic development and innovation, environmental policy, culture, politics, and public management. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the UAE government including education system, economic development, and energy and water infrastructure systems.  The seminar will culminate in a one-week field workshop in Dubai, UAE, during which students will meet with government and business leaders and also have the opportunity to participate in the World Government Summit conference and competition.  Participation in the field workshop is required of all students enrolled in the course.

Outcome 1: Students will articulate key trends in governance in UAE and Middle East.

Outcome 2: Students will articulate the roles that different institutions are playing in UAE.

Outcome 3: Students will identify and analyze the key political, financial, educational, and technical questions that need to be resolved in public affairs in Dubai.

Outcome 4: Students will research and develop innovative policy solutions for future government in Dubai.

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