PLHRT 4400 - Restoration Ecology

Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Recommended prerequisite: BIOEE 1610  or NTRES 2100  or PLSCS 2600 . Students who do not meet recommended prerequisite should contact instructor.

T. Bittner.

This course draws on concepts from ecology, hydrology, soil science, field biology, and conservation biology and applies these in both principle and practice to the rapidly evolving field of restoration ecology. Through lectures, reading, and discussion, site visits to reference and active restoration sites, and real-world class projects, students learn and practice skills needed to develop and implement restoration projects and plans for a variety of situations.

Outcome 1: Articulate the major concepts, issues and approaches taken by ecologists to restore landscapes.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve problems.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate competency in various field and lab techniques used by ecologists.

Outcome 4: Apply principles, process, and new information into restoration planning.

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