LAW 7832 - Externship - Full Time

Fall, Spring. 12 credits. S/U grades only.

Permission of instructor required. Satisfies the experiential learning requirement. This course requires off premises travel. The student is responsible for travel to and from the sites.

A. Mooney.

The Externship - Full Time course allows students (24 each semester, for all externship courses) to earn 12 credit hours as externs working full time at approved placement sites at virtually any location (most sites are non-profit organizations or governmental agencies) during the fall or spring semester of their third year or the spring semester of their second year.  The course purpose is to provide a bridge between the study of law and its practice.  A written application for the course must be submitted to the instructor and approved during the semester preceding the semester the student plans to participate.  The student must be supervised/mentored by an attorney and engage in meaningful and "attorney-like" work at the placement which furthers the student's education and career goals.   In addition to his or her work responsibilities for the placement, the extern will create a Learning Agenda, prepare weekly Journal entries, engage in a regular electronic Discussion Board with other externs and the instructor, host the instructor for a site visit, and do a written Description of Placement.   See the BlackBoard web site for Externship - Full Time for more detail on these requirements.  Note:  This course requires off premises travel.  The student is responsible for travel to and from the sites.

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