LAW 7833 - Criminal Defense Trial Practicum

Fall. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Recommended Prerequisite: LAW 6401 . Permission of instructor required. Satisfies the skills requirement. This course requires off premises travel. The student is responsible for travel to and from the sites.

L. Salisbury.

Students in this course represent defendants in non-felony criminal cases. The course has  classroom, courtroom and client representation components. The classroom component focuses on all aspects of the handling of a criminal case, including criminal law and procedure, ethics, trial strategy, plea bargaining and trials. The courtroom component involves attendance at court proceedings, including pre-trial conferences. Students will also interview clients and witnesses, and prepare clients and witnesses for trial. All students will conduct negotiations with the District Attorney's Office, do legal research, conduct fact investigation, prepare discovery demands and engage in motion practice.

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