LAW 7813 - Child Advocacy Clinic II

Spring. 4 credits. Student option grading.

Prerequisite: LAW 7812 . Permission of instructor required. Satisfies the experiential learning requirement. Attendance is mandatory at the first class.

A. Mooney.

Students in Clinic II will:1) work directly on law guardian cases, taking greater responsibility and working more independently than they are able to in the Child Advocacy Clinic I; 2) develop a more in-depth knowledge of the field of child advocacy by participating in a weekly reading group; 3) act as mentors for students in the Child Advocacy Clinic I, answering simple questions and providing emotional support for students who are often encountering, for the first time in their lives, stark poverty and violence; 4) act as liaisons between the students in the Child Advocacy Clinic I and the instructor, helping to identify areas in which the Clinic students need further instruction; 5) act as teaching assistants for Child Advocacy Clinic I, reviewing work products of the Clinic students and assisting them in locating research, formbooks, and samples of court documents.

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