PLSCI 1110 - Explorations in the Plant Sciences: Pathways to Success

Fall. 2 credits. S/U grades only (no audit).

Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited to: first-semester freshmen or transfer students in the Plant Sciences major.

L. Cook, M. Pritts.

This course provides opportunities for new students in the Plant Sciences major to meet continuing students and faculty across the School of Integrative Plant Science; develop leadership skills in the discipline; and explore career options across myriad plant science fields.

Outcome 1: Describe their leadership characteristics.

Outcome 2: Identify support systems on campus, including student organizations.

Outcome 3: Describe multiple careers in the plant sciences.

Outcome 4: Describe work being done by various faculty on campus.

Outcome 5: Confidently approach faculty for letters of recommendation, positions in labs, and internships.

Outcome 6: Articulate a one-minute summary of why they are studying plant science.

Outcome 7: Write a resume and cover letter.

Outcome 8: Organize work in an ePortfolio.

Outcome 9: Formulate plans for study abroad, graduate school and other future academic activities.

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