LAW 7839 - Entrepreneurship Clinic 1

Fall or Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: LAW 6131 . Permission of instructor required. Satisfies the experiential learning requirement. Limited enrollment.

C. Bigoness.

The Entrepreneurship Clinic provides students who are interested in transactional work with an opportunity to learn about the legal issues specific to starting and running a business venture. Weekly classes, which may include guest speakers, will introduce students to the common legal questions that entrepreneurs face, including how to choose and form a business entity, structure the ownership of the business, contract with employees and independent contractors, protect intellectual property, and set up the venture for successful financing. Building on the concepts learned in class, student teams will represent local entrepreneurs and start-up businesses on a variety of transactional matters. The client work will introduce students to fundamental transactional skills, ranging from legal research to drafting term sheets and contracts.

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