LAW 7847 - International Human Rights Clinic: Policy Advocacy I

(CU-CEL, EC-SAP)     

Fall or Spring. 5 credits. Letter grades only.

Fulfills the writing or experiential learning requirement.

S. Kalantry.

The International Human Rights Clinic: Policy Advocacy's goal is to teach students how to effectively and ethically support initiatives to protect vulnerable communities, in a cross-cultural setting, using international human rights mechanisms. In the past, students have worked on successful cases in the constitutional court of Colombia, the Supreme Court of India, and the European Court of Human Rights. Students have also produced reports that have impacted public policy and have been widely cited in the media and by the United Nations. 

Students will learn (among other things) (1) interviewing skills and techniques, (2) effective desk-research skills as well as fact-finding skills, (3) the application of substantive international human rights laws and mechanisms, (4) the political position and ideologies of the interest groups, and stakeholders impacted by the policies in question, and (5) legal advocacy skills.

Students who participate in this clinic will travel to India from around October 9 to October 18, 2020 (Fall Break) for purposes of conducting interviews and fact-finding on a timely human rights project in India. Travel and lodging expenses will be paid for by the Cornell Law School.


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