LAW 7860 - International Human Rights: Litigation and Advocacy II

(CU-CEL, EC-SAP)     
Fall or Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: LAW 7847  or LAW 7855 . Permission of instructor required. Satisfies the experiential learning requirement.

S. Babcock.

In this clinical course, students will work on projects that will expose them to diverse forms of human rights advocacy. The clinic is litigation-oriented, although clinic students may have the opportunity to engage in fact-finding and research regarding human rights violations abroad. A current sampling of projects includes: (1) Advocacy on behalf of prisoners in Tanzania and Malawi whose legal rights have been violated.  Our work in Malawi has already resulted in the release of 250 prisoners, and a number of clinic students have traveled to both countries in connection with this project; (2) Representation of a Mexican national sentenced to death in the state of Ohio, including litigation of treaty violations in his case; and (3) Advocacy before the United Nations regarding human rights violations committed by Israel in the Occupied Syrian Golan. 

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