ALS 2301 - CALS Global Fellows Program Post-engagement Course

Fall. 1 credit. S/U grades only (no audit).

Permission of instructor required.

C. Tarter, D. Viands.

The post-engagement course in the Global Fellows Program presents an opportunity for students to reflect, process, and synthesize their recent professional, personal and intercultural experience. It provides a platform to define and explore their achievement of personal and professional goals, and articulate their experience in ways that enhance the continuing journey as global learners and professionals. In this third and final piece of the program, students participate in a set of required course sessions and activities that culminate in a signature showcase event open to the Cornell and CALS community. Multi-term course. Students must enroll in both ALS 2300  and ALS 2301 to receive a final grade.

Outcome 1: Engage with your experience through your weekly e-portfolio reflections [internship phase].

Outcome 2: Connect lived experience to pre-internship expectations and learning goals.

Outcome 3: Identify individual intercultural and global learning outcomes.

Outcome 4: Link experience to ongoing professional and academic trajectories.

Outcome 5: Effectively communicate your international experience, associated outcomes, and contribution in part through the development and presentation of a poster.

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