Courses of Study 2011-2012 
    Apr 05, 2020  
Courses of Study 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FDSC 4300 - Understanding Wine and Beer

(also VIEN 4300 )
Spring. 3 credits. S–U or letter grade option.

Prerequisite: basic science; four approved wine glasses. Course fee: Tasting fee $50 due by second day of class.

T. E. Acree, K. J. Siebert, G. L. Sacks, and R. Mira de Orduña.

Senior-level science course for both science and nonscience majors. As an introduction to wine and beer appreciation it uses the study of fermentation biology, wine and beer composition, and sensory perception to explore the role of science and technology in the production and enjoyment of food. Samples of beers and wines are used to illustrate the sensory properties, microbiological processes, and chemical components that determine wine and beer quality. Students learn to recognize the major features of beer and wine that determine sensory quality and know the processes that produced them. Topics include the psychology and chemistry of bouquet, taste and aroma—the microbiology of fermentation and spoilage—and the sensory properties of wines and beers from different raw materials (produced in various climates with different agricultural practices) and with different wine and beer production techniques.

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