Courses of Study 2014-2015 
    Jun 19, 2019  
Courses of Study 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RUSSA 3308 - Russian through Popular Culture

Satisfies Option 1 (when taken for 3 credits).      
Spring. 2-3 credits, variable.

Prerequisite: RUSSA 3304  for non-native speakers of Russian; RUSSA 3305  or RUSSA 3306  for heritage speakers of Russian; for all others with advanced knowledge of Russian, placement by department. Not open to fluent native speakers of Russian (recommended: RUSSA 3309 /RUSSA 3310  and RUSSL courses). Class meeting times will be chosen at the organizational meeting (usually the second or third day of the semester) so as to accommodate as many students as possible. The time and place of the organizational meeting will be announced at

R. Krivitsky.

Aims to expand the students’ vocabulary and their comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as cultural competence, through a mosaic study and discussion of a variety of styles in contemporary Russian popular culture (1970s through the present). Course materials include folklore, film, animations, TV shows, rock and pop songs, and political satire. Includes two or three essays or similar writing assignments. Work is distributed so that a student may attend all three weekly meetings for 3 credit hours or only two of the meetings for 2 credit hours. Detailed description at

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