Courses of Study 2015-2016 
    Dec 17, 2018  
Courses of Study 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ARTH 4860 - [Working Hot: Exploring Art Beyond Representation]

(crosslisted) VISST 4860  
Next offered 2017-2018. 4 credits.

Permission of instructor required. Co-meets with ARTH 6860 .

K. McGowan, C. Klimaszwski.

The sizzling hiss of white-hot iron plunged in water, the slap and punch required to put a hole in a solid wad of clay on a kick-wheel, the whirring of a drop spindle in motion. Can we capture or theorize the creative process? What happens in the heat of the moment when artists engage with their materials? This seminar, part of the Johnson Museum of Art’s Mellon Foundation initiative, will explore the terrains of art beyond representation. Engaging art production with museum practice, the course will be taught by associate professor, Kaja M. McGowan, and associate director & Ames Curator of Education, Cathy Rosa Klimaszewski. Classes will be held at the museum, and in a number of designated workshops where artists engage in the heat of the moment.

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