Courses of Study 2016-2017 
    Oct 15, 2018  
Courses of Study 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDUC 2210 - Methods and Contexts of Adult Learning: Leading and Teaching with Purpose at CLASP

(D-AG, KCM-AG) (CU-CEL)     
Fall, spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

A. L. Raymer.

In EDUC 2210, Methods and Contexts of Adult Learning, we delve into contemporary and historical contexts of adult and community education.  We consider emerging theory and practice in light of current trends suggesting learning and knowing are changing rapidly—and require a wide array of the democratic arts of leadership.  Looking back, we study historical developments at the intersection of social change and adult education. Partnering with Cornell employees, we practice mutual learning in our community with adult learners participating in the Community Learning + Service Partnership, CLASP.  “A democratic and socially just society should enable all of its citizens to develop their potential to the full … Through learning, people can come to make a real contribution to their own communities and participate in local and national democratic processes.”  Communities: Change Through Learning.

Outcome 1: Learn and practice the democratic arts of leadership for collaborative learning and action, including individual competencies as well as group, team and organizational facilities.

Outcome 2: Explore different ways learning-focused leadership is exercised in organizations and communities, and unpack the interrelated relationship of learning and leadership.

Outcome 3: Take advantage of our course as a living lab opportunity to practice learning-focused leadership.

Outcome 4: Trace and critically examine the development and evolution of thinking and practice in adult education and adult learning over time..

Outcome 5: Practice habits of inquiry, integrative learning, evaluative thinking and reflection for meta-learning and improving effectiveness as facilitators of learning in our settings.

Outcome 6: Apply principles of adult learning as the educational partner of an adult learner.

Outcome 7: Gain perspective to situate CLASP in temporal context and conceptual landscapes through researching histories of, and contributors to:
• Community, adult, extension and popular education and its international roots; and,
• The origins of the Community Learning + Service Partnership program and its place in the larger narrative of Cornell’s public purposes, Land Grant mission and the visibly elevated emphasis on public engagement now.

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