Courses of Study 2016-2017 
    Dec 12, 2018  
Courses of Study 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FREN 3560 - Freud and the Invention of Psychoanalysis

(crosslisted) COML 3781 , FGSS 3651 GERST 3561 , ROMS 3560 , STS 3651  
Fall. 4 credits.

Co-meets with COML 6561 /FREN 6561 .

T. McNulty.

Psychoanalysis considers the human being not as an object of treatment, but as a subject who is called upon to elaborate an unconscious knowledge about what is disrupting her life, through analysis of dreams, symptoms, bungled actions, slips of the tongue, and repetitive behaviors.  Freud finds that these apparently irrational acts and behavior are ordered by the logic of the fantasy, which provides a mental representation of a taumatic childhood experience and the effects it unleashes in the mind and body-effects he called drives.  As “unbound” energies, the drives give rise to symptoms, repetitive acts, and fantasmatic stagings that menace our health and sometimes threaten social coexistence, but that also rise to the desires, creative acts, and social projects we identify as the essence of human life.  Readings will include fundamental texts on the unconscious, repression, fantasy, and the death drive, as well as case studies and speculative essays on mythology, art, religion, and group psychology.  Students will be asked to keep a dream journal and to work on their unconscious formations, and will have the chance to produce creative projects as well as analytic essays.

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