Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Nov 12, 2018  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SYSEN 5400 - Theory and Practice of Systems Architecture

(crosslisted) MAE 5950  
Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Satisfies MEng applications elective.

D. Selva.

Every system has an architecture (its essence, or DNA), i.e., a high-level abstraction of its design that provides a unifying concept for detailed design and commits most of the system’s performance and lifecycle cost. This course presents the frameworks, methods, and tools required to analyze and synthesize system architectures. The course has a theory part that emphasizes synergies between humans and computers in the architecture process, and a practical part based on a long project and guest lectures by real system architects. The theory part covers topics such as architecture views, layers and projections, stakeholder networks, dealing with fuzziness, automatic concept generation, architecture space exploration, patterns and styles, heuristics, and knowledge engineering. The practice part focuses on special topics such as commonality, platforming, reuse, upstream and downstream influences, and software architecture.

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