Courses of Study 2015-2016 
    Dec 17, 2018  
Courses of Study 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latina/o Studies Program

In the College of Arts and Sciences .

Course Offerings  


The Latina/o Studies Program, a university-wide academic program housed within the College of Arts and Science, addresses all of the different cultures, languages, and traditions that exist within Latino communities in the United States. Our faculty members, from several different disciplines and colleges, teach the courses—drawn from history, sociology, literature, language, planning, education and government, performing, media arts, among others—that form our undergraduate and graduate minors. The undergraduate minor affords students an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Latinos in the United States, but also underscores a transnational and comparative approach. The graduate minor enables students to develop programs that meet their specific interests in connection with their graduate fields and subfields.


Director: S. Villenas. Core Faculty: E. Diaz, M.C. Garcia, S. Garcia-Rios, K. Jaime, V. Santiago-Irizarry. Teaching Faculty: E. Acree, S. Alvarado, C. Boyce Davies, M.P. Brady, D. Castillo, M. Cook, T. Cosgrave, R. Craib, M. Fernandez, S. Gleeson, M. Jones-Correa, A. Madrid, V. Martinez-Matsuda, P. Parra, S. Pond, H. Velez

Undergraduate Minor:

The Latina/o Studies Program offers a minor in Latina/o Studies to undergraduate students in any college at Cornell with courses mostly drawn from history, sociology, anthropology, government, literature, language, and performing and media arts, but the program also cross lists courses from other colleges.

The undergraduate minor is earned upon the completion of five courses (a minimum of 15 credits) in Latina/o Studies, including ond of the required courses,  LSP 2100 - Introduction to Latina/o Studies , offered in the fall, or LSP 2010 - Latinos in the United States , which is offered each spring semester.

Students are required to include at least four additional Latina/o Studies Program courses in the Humanities and Social Science and must complete at least one course from each. Of the four courses, two must be at the 3000- or 4000-level. One course from the LSP elective can count towards the minor. For questions pertaining to which category a course falls in—i.e. Humanities, Social Science, elective—please stop by the LSP office, 434 Rockefeller Hall or e-mail

Please note: You do not have to enroll under LSP in order for the courses to be counted towards the minor—you can register under the cross-listed department. Courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or above. Independent Studies and Freshman Writing Seminars DO NOT count towards fulfilling minor requirements. Please refer to the roster and listing in the LSP office or on our website.

Registration: It is suggested that students who are interested in the minor file an application with the Latina/o Studies Program office by the beginning of their junior year. Applications are available in the Latina/o Studies Program office, 434 Rockefeller Hall and on our website.

Graduate Minor:

The Latina/o Studies Program at Cornell offers Latina/o Studies as a minor field in graduate studies. The minor invites any Cornell graduate student interested in Latina/o Studies to craft a program of interdisciplinary study. Faculty expertise spans multiple fields, including anthropology, history, literature, law, sociology, government, education, planning, human development, language, and performing and media arts, enabling students to develop a graduate minor that meet their specific interests.

Requirements: Over the course of their study students will be expected to take two Latina/o Studies graduate or advanced undergraduate courses outside of their major field of study. In lieu of available courses, the student and his or her minor field advisor might design a project that culminates in a paper given at a conference or presented for publication. The requirements will vary according to the student’s need and desires in shaping his or her project. It is expected that the students thesis or dissertation pertain to a topic specific to Latinos in the United States. Upon completion of the minor and graduate degree requirements, the student will be awarded a LSP Graduate Minor Certificate.

Registration: Students interested in the Graduate Minor must meet with the Director of Latino Studies and formally register as an LSP graduate minor in the LSP office, 434 Rockefeller Hall.

Library/Computer Lab/Conference Room:


The Latina/o Studies Program library and computer lab located on the 4th Floor of Rockefeller Hall serves Cornell students, faculty, staff, and the wider local community. The library maintains print and media material pertinent to U.S. Latino issues including an extensive collection of books, research materials, archives, and film collection. The computer lab houses 10 computers and two laser printers. The conference room provides meeting space for film screenings, group study, and for the more than 30 Latino Student Organizations.