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Student Code of Conduct

About the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSCCS) is the office under the Vice President for Student & Campus Life responsible for engaging with our community about the values and expectations of all Cornell students. The OSCCS supports the holistic development of the student experience by educating students about behavioral expectations and enforcing the Student Code through a fair and educational process that fosters campus safety, accountability, and personal/organizational development. The OSCCS ensures proper investigation and resolution of alleged Student Code violations or any other regulation as the University President and/or Board of Trustees may direct. The OSCCS adheres to the established procedures under the Student Code when resolving alleged conduct violations with fairness, integrity, and objectivity for all parties involved, consistent with the university’s educational goals.

Student Code of Conduct and Code Procedures

The current Student Code of Conduct was effective August 2, 2021. Any incident(s) reported on or after this date will be resolved under the Student Code linked below and following the corresponding Student Code of Conduct Procedures.

Student Code of Conduct 12/10/20  - In effect August 2, 2021

Student Code of Conduct Procedures 12/10/20  - In effect August 2, 2021

For incidents reported prior to August 2, 2021, the current Campus Code of Conduct and related procedures apply. Please refer to the Office of Student Code and Community Standards website for more information.