NRE 5150 - PhD Seminar - Behavioral Decision Making

Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Graduate standing.

J. Russo.

This seminar focuses on decision making, judgment and related topics. Most of the selection and priority of these topics is guided by the interest (and votes) of participants. Recent topics have included: affect in decision making, attention (allocation and focus), coherence/consistency of beliefs, fluency, goals, individual differences, information distortion, memory, methods, neuroscience, non-conscious processes, self-control-regulatory focus-ego depletion, and System 1 versus System 2. Students taking this course for credit are expected (a) to lead the discussions for several of the weekly topics, including the selection of the articles assigned as readings and the development of study questions and (b) to prepare a final paper that is presented in preliminary oral form during one of the last class meetings. The paper can review a body of literature, present a new theory or framework, or report an original experiment (or only a proposal for an experiment). Auditors are only expected to lead several weekly sessions.

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