EAS 3030 - Introduction to Biogeochemistry

(crosslisted) NTRES 3030  
Fall. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: CHEM 2070  or equivalent, MATH 1120 , and a course in biology and/or geology.

L. Derry, J. Yavitt.

Control and function of the Earth's global biogeochemical cycles. Begins with a review of the basic inorganic and organic chemistry of biologically significant elements, and then considers the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nutrients, and metals that take place in soil, sediments, rivers, and the oceans. Topics include weathering, acid-base chemistry, biological redox processes, nutrient cycling and limitation, trace gas fluxes, bio-active metals, the use of isotopic tracers, controls on atmospheric carbon dioxide, and carbon cycle models. Interactions between global biogeochemical cycles and other components of the Earth system are discussed. Co-enrollment in one lab/discussion section per week is required.

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