ILRHR 5660 - Strategic Human Resource Metrics and Analysis

Fall or Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: ILRHR 5600  (or equivalent), ILRST 5110 , and one elective in HR studies. Enrollment limited to: graduate students.

J. Hausknecht, C. Collins.

The search for the ideal strategic HR metrics misses the larger issue of taking a more analytical approach toward HR decision making. Analytics requires understanding the process through which knowledge is gained, and then applying the tools and techniques to gather and analyze the right kind of data relevant to the question at hand. This course covers topics such as philosophy of science, theory development, research methodology, and data analysis and interpretation, as well as data and practices commonly used to assess the effectiveness of HR activities. Consequently, the class simultaneously addresses the types of information needed for HR decision making, as well as the processes and techniques necessary to gather, integrate, and analyze the data.

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