PAM 6060 - Demographic Techniques

(crosslisted) DSOC 6080  
Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: statistics. Enrollment limited to: graduate students. Co-meets with DSOC 4080 /PAM 4080 .

P. Eloundou-Engyegue.

This is the second course in the demographic techniques sequence. It has two foci. First, we will learn the basics of constructing single and multiple decrement life tables, along with extensions to cause-deleted life tables. Second, we will learn the basics of survival analysis, as well as how survival analysis relates to life tables. Although the primary goal is learning to use these techniques, this class also has a heavy emphasis on thinking about how to use these methods to produce something new and important for research. The grad students will also be asked to complete a 10 page research proposal.

Outcome 1: Demonstrate how to build a life table using various methods and understand the connections between life tables and survival analysis.

Outcome 2: Think creatively about how to use these methods and existing data to make a novel research contribution.

Outcome 3: Write clearly about what the results from life tables can tell us about demographic processes.

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