ANSC 3510 - Dairy Herd Management

Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: ANSC 2500  or permission of instructor. Recommended Prerequisite: AEM 3020 .

J. Giordano.

Course integrates concepts of cow biology, management, economics, and sustainability of dairy operations. Special emphasis is given to management practices and technologies that affect cattle health and well-being, milk production and quality, reproduction, herd growth, milking, and environmental impact of dairy production. Basic concepts of dairy foods processing and the importance of milk quality for dairy products are covered. Laboratory sessions include hands-on learning of dairy software, analysis of alternative strategies, and decision-making. Commercial farm case studies are used to integrate concepts of biology and management learned in the course.

Outcome 1: Describe general features and recognize the challenges and opportunities of the global and national dairy industry.

Outcome 2: Understand the breadth and complexity of the biological mechanisms underpinning dairy cattle milk production, health, and reproduction and their implications on herd performance.

Outcome 3: Evaluate the past and present performance of a dairy herd using computer software.

Outcome 4: Recognize the implications of herd management programs and the use of technology on the profitability and sustainability of dairy farms.

Outcome 5: Describe the methods used for milk processing and the manufacture of dairy products and recognize the implications of herd management strategies on the quality and safety of dairy products.

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