ALS 4200 - Immersion and Engagement in DC

Fall, Spring, Summer. 1 credit. Letter grades only.

Enrollment limited to: students enrolled in the Cornell in Washington program. Offered in Washington, D.C.

K. Beem.

In this community engaged course, Cornell in Washington program participants will explore and deepen their understanding of their experiences living and working in D.C. The course will ground students' knowledge in critical social theory, place-based learning theory, and explorations of contemporary issues facing D.C. Students will also learn critical reflection techniques to further develop their knowledge and experiences while in the program. The course will consist of weekly class meetings, discussions, guest speakers, and field engagement activities.            

Outcome 1: Describe and explain the core principles of critical social theory, place-based learning theory, and reflective practice.

Outcome 2: Engage in integrative and peer learning across disciplines and experiences.

Outcome 3: Critically reflect on their experiences and knowledge.

Outcome 4: Reflect on and describe the complexity and diversity of the D.C. community, Cornell in Washington community and their place in it.

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