BIOEE 3730 - Biodiversity and Biology of the Marine Invertebrates

(BIO-AS, PBS-AS)      
Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading.

Prerequisite: BIOEE 1780  or BIOEE 1781 , or permission of instructor.

L. Babonis.

Introduction to the biology, natural history, and evolution of the major invertebrate phyla, concentrating on marine representatives. In addition to the evolution of form and function, lectures cover aspects of ecology, behavior, physiology, chemical ecology, and current research. The discussion section will focus on current research papers with marine invertebrates.

Outcome 1: Learn the major phyla of marine invertebrates through lectures, videos, exposure to the Blaschka glass collection and a field trip.

Outcome 2: Understand phylo genetic relationships among the major phyla and within selected major phyla.

Outcome 3: Develop an appreciation for some major avenues of research with marine invertebrates and develop critical reading skills, by reading and discussing original research.

Outcome 4: Develop critical research and thinking skills and oral presentation skills through a project.

Outcome 5: Gain experience in giving a formal presentation.

Outcome 6: Learn to work as a group through take home essays and paper discussion sessions.

Outcome 7: Gain experience in organismal biology.

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