DEA 4220 - Ecological Literacy and Design

(crosslisted) ARCH 4601  
Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Field trip fee: approximately $25. Field component location TBA.

J. Elliott.

This course is a design-oriented lecture/seminar course for students who are concerned about the role they play as design professionals in affecting the biophysical world. The course's prime objective is to develop a new worldview founded on a broader sensitivity for things living and an accompanying set of meaningful environmental ethics. The course's secondary objectives are to develop a deeper knowledge of environmental issues, construct conceptual frameworks for analysis of these issues and to demonstrate how ecological knowledge can be applied to design. 

Outcome 1: Develop grounding in the field of ecology as it pertains to the human/nature relationship and the manifest expressions of these ideas through the design of the built environment.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate a greater proficiency in critical thinking through rhetorical analysis and criticism of the readings.

Outcome 3: Display commitment to ethical principles, especially those pertaining to the environment.

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