LA 1420 - Grounding in Landscape Architecture II

Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Course fee: approximately $250 for required project supplies for model-making, and general drawing/drafting. Enrollment limited to: first-year Landscape Architecture majors or permission of instructor. Must have a grade of C- or better to advance to next studio in sequence.


This course applies fundamentals of landscape design to small-scale site-planning projects. Work in the studio introduces students to the design process, design principles, construction materials, and a wide array of graphic representation. Projects are selected at a variety of scales to expose students to a broad overview of landscape architecture.

Outcome 1: Students shall develop their facility with analog and digital drawing and representation including plan, section, and elevation.

Outcome 2: Students shall be introduced to perspective, plan, and isometric drawing.

Outcome 3: Students shall be introduced to analytical representation using two and three-dimensional formats.

Outcome 4: Students shall be introduced to Landscape Architecture through spatial and material analysis.

Outcome 5: Students shall be evaluated based on a series of design and graphic assignments.

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