NS 1150 - Nutrition, Health, and Society

(PBS-HE) (CU-SBY)     
Fall, Summer. 3 credits. Student option grading.

Enrollment preference given to: DNS majors and Human Ecology students.

R. Figueroa, C. Noel, Staff.

Discusses the facts and fallacies concerning the role that nutrition, exercise, and other health behaviors play in preventing disease, maintaining good health, and maximizing athletic performance. Emphasis is on understanding the biological mechanisms through which good nutrition and regular exercise affect psychological and physical health.

Outcome 1: Identify the role of key nutrients, foods, and dietary patterns in health, disease prevention and therapeutic approaches.

Outcome 2: Describe complex systems of interactions of nutrition with genetic, social, cultural and environmental factors.

Outcome 3: Explain the development and progression of nutrition guidance for individuals and populations.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate fundamental skills in the interpretation of the nutrition literature and explain differences in quality of evidence.

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