NS 2600 - Introduction to Global Health

(D-AG, CA-HE, D-HE)      
Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Enrollment limited to: first years and sophomores. Juniors completing the Global Health Minor must receive departmental permission prior to pre-enrollment.

J. Moseley.

Explore contemporary topics, issues, and controversies in the field of global health through several different perspectives. This course will first introduce the global burden of disease, and then engage students in examining complex social, economic, political, environmental, and biological factors that structure the origins and consequences of global health problems, as well as potential solutions. The three core modules of this course focus on HIV/AIDS, maternal mortality, and water/sanitation and hygiene.

Outcome 1: Analyze global health topics, issues and controversies from multiple perspectives.

Outcome 2: Express basic knowledge about global health current events, world geography, demographics, poverty, and health disparities.

Outcome 3: Work in teams to evaluate a global health intervention using tools of program theory and create an effective oral presentation.

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