NS 4630 - Global Health, Development, and Policy Issues in Tanzania

Summer. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: NS 2600 NS 4620 . Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited to: students formally accepted into the Global Health Summer Program in Moshi, Tanzania. Offered in Tanzania.

J. Moseley, Staff.

The goals of the Tanzania Global Health Summer Program are to enhance the cross-cultural competence of participants and to provide students with the opportunity to gain broad knowledge about global health issues in the Tanzanian context. Students participate in an intensive course at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College. This course engages Global and Public Health Sciences majors, Global Health minors, and Tanzanian medical students in cross-cultural problem-based learning, using a policy case study approach. Student teams research, write and present a substantial case study addressing a global and public health issue of their choosing that is relevant to the Kilimanjaro Region. The course is structured to lead the teams through the analysis of a published case study, problem selection, problem analysis, background research, stakeholder analysis and interviewing, policy options, and a written report and final presentation.

Outcome 1: Develop broad knowledge about global health and development issues in the Tanzanian context.

Outcome 2: Collaborate in a cross-cultural team with Tanzanian medical students to develop, write, and present a new global health policy case study.

Outcome 3: Analyze a policy problem, using stakeholder and problem-tree analysis, identify policy issues and evaluate relevant policy options.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate effective engagement and participation in a cross-cultural learning environment.

Outcome 5: Demonstrate reflective practices (oral and written), especially related to cultural diversity, professional growth, collaboration, and service-learning.

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