LA 4070 - Emerging Dimensions in Urban Ecology and Sustainable Practices

Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Co-meets with LA 6070 .

J. Cerra.

This course explores the urban ecological design movement as an interdisciplinary combination of ecoogical science and sustainable design innovation.  Students research contemporary relationships between the built and natural environments through a series of written and graphic exercises, and then present their work in a symposium format for class discussion.

Outcome 1: Students will develop an understanding of urban ecological issues and their relationship to sustainable planning and design practice.

Outcome 2: Students will study examples of emerging policies, initiatives, and strategies that seek to integrate urban ecological objectives into sustainable urban planning and climate adaptive design practice.

Outcome 3: Students will investigate an urban ecological topic or issue and explore its potential implications for sustainable design and climate adaptation in urban environments.

Outcome 4: Students develop an exploratory thesis statement (abstract), conduct literature searches and case study investigations, and develop a paper that illuminates and supports their thesis goals.

Outcome 5: Students will strengthen their ability to express and evaluate conclusions through a combination of written, graphic, oral presentation, and group discussion exercises.

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