PLHRT 3050 - Arboriculture: Applied Tree Care

Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Recommended prerequisite: PLHRT 4910 . Offered in even-numbered years only.

T. Bauerle.

Gain hands-on experience with tree establishment, nutrition, plant health care, diagnosing tree disorders, pruning techniques, tree worker safety and urban forestry.

Outcome 1: Demonstrate knowledge of plant morphology, anatomy, physiology, and growth and how those play roles in tree selection and care.

Outcome 2: Inspect trees for condition, make risk assessment, and recommend actions.

Outcome 3: Describe the nutritional requirements of plants, soil water relationships in plants, and soil management.

Outcome 4: Describe the techniques and materials used in proper tree climbing and management, including pruning, and support systems.

Outcome 5: Gain knowledge to pass the ISA-certified arborist examination.

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