NS 2060 - Preparation for Engaged Learning in Global and Public Health Sciences

Fall. 2 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: NS 1600 , NS 2600 . Enrollment limited to: GPHS majors.

G. Wable.

This course provides foundational knowledge about community-engaged and experiential learning as it relates to global and public health and creates a dynamic classroom environment and community of learners to develop the essential orientations and skills required for success in the experiential learning and future careers in global and public health. 

Outcome 1: Describe the concepts, rationales, expectations and ethics of community-engaged and experiential learning as they relate to global and public health.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate familiarity with the available experiential opportunities for GPHS majors and the associated expectations, requirements and learning objectives.

Outcome 3: Appreciate the value of a professional, reflexive, culturally-sensitive and civic-minded orientation to their proposed community engagement.

Outcome 4: Appreciate the value of effective and appropriate inter-personal skills for managing diverse situations that arise in community and organizational settings related to global and public health.

Outcome 5: Have the ability to identify and critically analyze ethical dilemmas in global and public health research and practice.

Outcome 6: Appreciate the value of practicing regular reflection as part of responsible professional practice.

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