AEM 2805 - Strategic Responses to Poverty and Hunger in Developing Countries

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Enrollment preference given to: Dyson students. Satisfies CALS written expression requirement and Dyson Grand Challenges writing requirement.

M. Constas.

As a writing course, AEM 2805 provides students with an opportunity to understand the problems of poverty and hunger in
developing countries. An important focus of the course will be to explore strategies that United Nations agencies, governmental
bodies, and international non-governmental organizations employ to meet challenges of poverty and hunger.

Outcome 1: Develop the capacity to evaluate evidence and express ideas coherently through writing.

Outcome 2: Recognize the ways in which poverty and food insecurity are distributed across the globe.

Outcome 3: Define how economic pressures (food prices, market failures, supply chain problems), natural disasters (droughts, floods) and political conflict affect poverty and food security.

Outcome 4: Identify and assess strategic orientations that various organizations use to address problems of poverty and hunger.

Outcome 5: Assess the effect of both existing risks and emerging challenges that undermine efforts to improve the well-being of populations who suffer poverty and experience food insecurity.

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