BIOMS 4250 - Applied Immunology

Spring. 3 credits. Student option grading (no audit).

Prerequisite: BIOMS 4150  or BIOMS 6150  or permission of instructor. BIOMS 4250 is only for undergraduate students. BIOMS 6250  is only for graduate students. Co-meets with BIOMS 6250 .

E. Rhoades.

Applied Immunology builds on knowledge of basic immunology. It picks up where  BIOMS 4150 - Essential Immunology  left off and covers diseases due to an unbalanced immune system. Topics include tolerance, homeostasis and barrier immunology, allergy, autoimmunity, transplantation, AIDS, and tumor immunology. The course will demonstrate that the field of "applied" immunology is dynamic and continually evolving by demonstrating how new technologies and research findings are "applied" toward designing immune-based therapies. Students will learn how commonly research methods measure immune responses. Recommended for students pursuing careers in medicine, biomedical research, biotechnology and public health, or anyone curious about the immune system and their health.

Outcome 1: Describe how the immune system is regulated to balance defense with tissue function.

Outcome 2: Recount how allergy, autoimmunity, and AIDS are caused by different aberrant immune responses.

Outcome 3: Explain how the immune system recognizes & responds to non-infectious threats such as cancers and tissue transplants.

Outcome 4: Illustrate how commonly used immunology research methods measure immune responses.

Outcome 5: Practice health literacy on the topic of immune-based therapies.

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