BIOG 1140 - Foundations of Biology

Fall. 4 credits. Student option grading.

E.R. Turgeon.

The course offers an introduction to biology at the cell and molecular levels, including cell function, energetics, Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, DNA technology and evolution. The emphasis is on key concepts that underlie living systems, rather than a myriad of unrelated facts. This is a lecture course with an integrated discussion section in which active learning and student engagement activities further emphasize the key concepts with compelling examples from living systems. Designed to meet the biology requirements of science students who need to fulfill the distribution requirement in CALS and Human Ecology. It does not meet the requirement for the premedical or prevet program nor the major in biological science. It, along with courses in the core major program, may be used to fulfill the Arts and Sciences distribution requirement. There is no laboratory for this course. Students that require a biology laboratory experience as part of their requirements should enroll in BIOG 1500  .

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