Courses of Study 2013-2014 
    Dec 05, 2023  
Courses of Study 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANSC 4050 - [Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Reproductive Physiology]

(also BIOAP 4050 )
Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: two semesters of college-level biology and introductory physiology (ANSC 1100  or BIOG 1440  and ANSC 2400  or BIOAP 3110 ).

S. Quirk.

Lectures on selected topics in reproductive biology of male and female mammals with a focus on how research questions are formulated, addressed, and influenced by previous discoveries. Concepts introduced apply to investigation of all areas of animal physiology. Laboratory exercises provide experience in cellular and molecular methods used to study reproductive function.

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