Courses of Study 2013-2014 
    Sep 25, 2022  
Courses of Study 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PSYCH 2800 - Introduction to Social Psychology

Spring, summer. (Three-week session) 3 credits.

A 1-credit Writing in the Majors section, PSYCH 2801 , is available in the spring. Introductory courses in social and personality psychology. Each of the following three courses (PSYCH 2650 , PSYCH 2750 , PSYCH 2800) provides an introduction to a major area of study within social and personality psychology. These courses are independent of one another, and none have any prerequisites. Students may take any one of the courses or any combination of them (including all three). Courses may be taken in any order or simultaneously.

T.D. Gilovich.

Introduction to research and theory in social psychology. Topics include social influence, persuasion, and attitude change; social interaction and group phenomena; altruism and aggression; stereotyping and prejudice; everyday reasoning and judgment.

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