Courses of Study 2013-2014 
    May 29, 2023  
Courses of Study 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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VTMED 5609 - Pathology Service

Fall, spring, summer. 2 credits. Letter grades only.

Required component of Clinical Rotations (Foundation Course VI).

S. P. McDonough, staff.

The pathology rotation strives to integrate gross pathology with other diagnostic modalities. Students will work in groups of three to five for the two-week rotation performing necropsies on mammals, birds, exotic species, and laboratory animals under the guidance of pathology faculty and residents. Students will prepare written reports of the necropsies performed and discuss the findings at daily morning rounds. Students will also be instructed by faculty of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center with expertise in ancillary diagnostic techniques. Students will be expected to learn to use diagnostic testing regimens as integral parts of comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic plans. Instruction will consist primarily of the discussion of clinical cases with emphasis on laboratory diagnostics. Students will be expected to lead and participate in these discussions and will be evaluated on their ability to do so.

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