Courses of Study 2013-2014 
    Apr 01, 2023  
Courses of Study 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 1506 - Drawing: Rome - An Invisible City

Fall or spring. 3 credits.

Counts as in/out-of-college elective for B.F.A. students. Offered in Rome.


This course gives students a basic knowledge of drawing and painting en plein air and encourages them to take a creative and personal approach to visual production. Special attention is given to site-related art works within the context of contemporary art in Italy and Europe. Students begin using basic techniques for life drawings and working outdoors. Classes also meet in the field to visit area art exhibits and meet local professionals working in the sector.

Outcome 1: The course objective is for each student to develop an individual site-specific or site-related project using any medium (such as advanced mixed media and drawing techniques, digital audio/ video, sculpture, installation etc). Demonstrations of various media are given according to the class’s interest. Students are encouraged to pursue individual areas of research for the final project, which may include cinema, animation, interviews of artists and video art.

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