Courses of Study 2019-2020 
    May 27, 2022  
Courses of Study 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PHYS 1203 - Physics of the Heavens and the Earth

Spring. 3 credits. Student option grading.

For non-science majors.

N. Holmes.

This course offers opportunities to face fundamental issues in scientific thought, and to provide a sense of the profound ideas that form the modern views of our world. Physics is not a collection of laws, or dry mathematical formulas that must be painfully memorized and exercised. Astronomy is not just a collection of fascinating, disconnected facts about our universe. This course introduces physics and astronomy as the development of a basic curiosity about our world, and a grand desire to understand how it works. A significant theme of this course will be: “What and how do we know?” This will include discussions of how scientific thought and ideas have evolved over time, as well as who has been involved in that evolution.

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