Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    May 26, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASRC 2212 - Caribbean Worlds

(crosslisted) ENGL 2512 , LSP 2212  
(GB) (ALC-AS, CA-AS, GLC-AS)      
Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading.

C. Boyce Davies.

This introductory course to the study of the Caribbean will begin with examinations of what constitutes the Caribbean and an understanding of Caribbean space.  We will then study its peoples, contact between Europeans and indigenous peoples, African enslavement and resistance, Indian indentureship and other forced migrations.  By mid semester we will identify a cross-section of leading thinkers and ideas. We will also pay attention to issues of identity, migration and the creation of the Caribbean diaspora. Constructions of tourist paradise and other stereotypes and the development of critical Caribbean institutions and national development will be discussed as we read and listen to some representative oral and written literature of the Caribbean and view some relevant film on the Caribbean. This inter-disciplinary survey provides students with a foundation for more specialized coursework on the Caribbean offered in our department.

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