Courses of Study 2023-2024 
    Mar 04, 2024  
Courses of Study 2023-2024
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PLBIO 1560 - Application of CHEM 1560 to Plant Sciences

Fall. 2 credits. Letter grades only.

Corequisite: CHEM 1560 .

L. Gunn.

The purpose of this course is to facilitate making connections between biology and chemistry at the time you are learning the chemistry. In reality, chemistry is essential to biology. Life is, after all, a specialized set of chemical reactions, highly diverse and complex to be sure, but chemical reactions nonetheless. Developing an understanding and appreciation of this critical connection between chemistry and plant science is the primary goal of this course. At the same time, we should all recognize that chemistry is a challenging subject for most students. Because the application of chemistry to concepts and problems in biology first requires one to understand the chemistry, the course will also place a significant emphasis on making sure students understand the basic chemistry as well.

Outcome 1: Describe the biological context of the chemical phenomena in plant science.

Outcome 2: Give specific examples of plant process(es) to which the chemical concepts are applicable.

Outcome 3: Think critically about the material covered in CHEM 1560.

Outcome 4: Articulate the intimate connections between chemistry and plant science.

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