Courses of Study 2023-2024 
    Feb 24, 2024  
Courses of Study 2023-2024
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ANSC 2120 - Animal Nutrition

Fall. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: CHEM 1560  or equivalent. Recommended prerequisite: BIOAP 1100 .

D. Cherney.

Introduction to animal nutrition, including digestive physiology and metabolism of domestic animals and other species, nutrient properties and requirements for different aspects of animal production and performance, and principles of feed evaluation and ration formulation. Laboratory classes include gastrointestinal tract dissections and nutritional experiments performed on laboratory or farm animal species.

Outcome 1: Explain the principles of mammalian nutrition, including digestive physiology and metabolism.

Outcome 2: Determine basic nutrient requirements of livestock and other animal species, and how to meet those needs.

Outcome 3: Conduct animal nutritional experiments, collect and analyze data, and present results in oral and written formats.

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