Courses of Study 2023-2024 
    Feb 22, 2024  
Courses of Study 2023-2024
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EDUC 2210 - Designing and Facilitating Learning for Development

(crosslisted) GDEV 2210  
(D-AG, KCM-AG) (CU-CEL)     

Spring. 4 credits (may be repeated for credit). Letter grades only.

A.L. Raymer.

In Designing and Facilitating Learning for Development, we see commonalities across a variety of venues and settings where people meet together to learn, deliberate, and act. From professional development to social change and town hall to union hall, adult and community learning is everywhere. Yet, for many, the design and facilitation of meaningful learning experiences can be as mysterious as an unopened black box. How does one go about creating inclusive educational and participative experiences in our increasingly interconnected contexts? In this course we open the box and unpack the processes of crafting and conducting collaborative learning experiences. In developing our abilities as ethical leaders of learning and action we serve the growth of others even as we deepen our practice.

Expected workload of approximately 3 hours per week during the FLD (field) portion of this course.

Outcome 1: Compare and contrast three constructs of the concept of design.

Outcome 2: Differentiate major components of a design process.

Outcome 3: Identify decision points in a design process and categorize input needed to inform those decisions.

Outcome 4: Analyze a learning or action challenge and make a case for a suitable design approach.

Outcome 5: Demonstrate the co-generative relationship of design and facilitation.

Outcome 6: Synthesize and apply the principles and processes practiced through producing and implementing learning designs as an educational mentor to a learning partner.

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