Courses of Study 2023-2024 
    Jul 24, 2024  
Courses of Study 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HADM 2210 - Managerial Accounting

Fall, Spring. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Forbidden Overlap: due to an overlap in content, students will not receive credit for both AEM 3230  and HADM 2210.
Prerequisite: HADM 1210  or HADM 2230  or AEM 2210 .  Enrollment limited to: NSHA students. Satisfies core requirement for NSHA students.

Fall: A. Martinez-Jerez; Spring: M. Paz.

This course focuses on the use of accounting information for management decision making and control in hospitality settings. Topics include costing objects, budgeting, financial decision making, cost behavior, and management control systems. There will be one common final exam at the end of the semester.

Outcome 1: PLO 1.1: Students will identify key issues and appropriately apply discipline principles to analyze a hospitality management solution.

Outcome 2: PLO 1.2: Students will critically evaluate a hospitality management problem and will formulate a solution based on principles from at least two management disciplines.

Outcome 3: PLO 3.1: Students will identify the ethical dimensions of a business decision.

Outcome 4: PLO 3.2: Students will evaluate the ethical consequences of their business decisions on various stakeholders.

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